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Beavers eat fish!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

In addition to making the world as they see fit, another thing we have in common with beavers is the desire to eat fish. Here will be some videos and photos of several instances of beavers eating primarily crappie fish in the winter in western VA. Here is the first of more to come. This is notable because beavers are considered vegetarian, and they usually rely on stripping and eating the bark off of the trees they use to make their damns

The fish scale remnants of the fish on the same log on the next day.

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15. Mai 2023

That’s definitely an otter eating a fish. However, I live in Alaska and while fishing for salmon at Little Willow Creek sometime in the latter 2000’s I watched a beaver swim up to the strip of sandy river bank just about ten feet from where I was standing fishing for silver salmon. This occurred in about the middle of August so there was plenty of food usually on a beaver‘s menu. But, as I watched I was surprised that this one came right up the head of a silver salmon fairly fresh, likely caught and cleaned earlier in the day. He started eating the flesh exposed when the head of the fish when it was cut from the rest of…

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04. Mai 2022

I guess, you should learn the difference between an Otter and a Beaver and then update this post to prevent further spreading of false informations.

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04. Mai 2022

That’s an otter.

Gefällt mir
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