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Noteworthy Plants

If I come across something interesting and useful, I want to tell the world about it.  Here, the focus is on propagation or rare succulents and cacti.  Noteworthy Plants by Fisher of Fish. For some amazing succulent seeds and plants, as well as some tools to assist your techniques, check out my Etsy store! 

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Lithops Infirmary

Here are some strategies that I have developed and tweaked which can help heal damaged lithops. You can make your own lithops infirmary...

Species Specific Notes

under construction The following list are some notes on growing some different species of succulents. All these descriptor qualities are...

Growing Kanna From Seed

Growing Kanna from seed. An instructional supplement for my Etsy store: Noteworthy Plants As well as for anyone with a desire to grow a...

Beavers eat fish!

In addition to making the world as they see fit, another thing we have in common with beavers is the desire to eat fish. Here will be...

Hand pollination of Haworthia

I have recently had some success with Haworthia pollination, so I thought I would share what I have learned. I also thought of some new...

Soil Recipe's

I want to share my soil recipes that have worked for me. I use several different recipe's depending on what I am growing/doing: seed...

Growing The Lilliputians

This is my first attempt at growing Blossfeldia Liliputana from seed. This is a notoriously difficult and slow growing cactus succulent....


Hello! My name is Chris Bott, I am a Cell Biology PhD, with a lifelong hobby of growing just about anything on the ground. Just for...

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