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Species Specific Notes

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

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The following list are some notes on growing some different species of succulents. All these descriptor qualities are relative to to growing Lithops. For example: Argroderma needs high humidity for a longer period after germination than Lithops do.

Easiest to grow lithops varieties

For beginners, I recommend lesliei, aucampiae, or hookeri. These varieties have several advantages:

1. fairly common and inexpensive

2. the seeds themselves are larger than most other lithops varieties, so they are easier to handle

3. they grow quickly, especially during the first year.

4. They all look amazing!

Size comparison of lithops seeds. Similar number of seeds on both sides. On the left are Lithops julii seeds, which are the typical small size of most lithops seeds. The seeds on the right are Lithops aucampiae, which are notably larger. The dime is shown for scale.

Species that are prone to fungal rot immediately after germination. To avoid this remove humidity cover immediately after germination, or germination without a humidity cover (spray with water frequently).

  • Leuchtenbergia principis

Species which need high humidity for a longer period after germination.

  • Argyroderma varieties

  • Cheiridopsis varieties

  • Bijlia cana

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